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Michael J. Bergner in a Word...

Saga sells the tower of its Norfolk-market classic rock "106.9 the Fox" WAFX

Joe Mathias, Former Partner, Benchmark Communications - “driven”


George Beasley, President & CEO, Beasley Broadcasting - “Mr. Broker”


Barry Drake, President & CEO, Backyard Broadcasting - “there”


Morgan Dowdy, President & CEO, San Dow Communications - “diversified”


Terry Jacobs, Former President and CEO Regent Communications - “thorough”


Craig Klosk, Partner, Wicks Group - “knowledgeable”


Don Turner, CFO, Sunburst Media - “aggressive”


Rogers Brandon, Vice President, American General Media - “intense”


Clarke Brown, Former President, Jefferson Pilot Radio - “unique”


David Jacobs, President & CEO, Independence Media - “thoughtful”


James Embrescia, President & CEO, Media One - “professional”


Peter Davidson, President & CEO, Davidson Media - “smart”


Jeff Wilks, President & CEO, Wilks Broadcasting - “quick”


Michael Metter, President & CEO, Business Talk Radio - “efficient”


Jeff Warshaw, President & CEO, Connoisseur Media - “connected”


Lew Dickey, President & CEO , Cumulus Media - “persistent”


Edward Christian, President & CEO, Saga Communications - “committed”


Sean Stover, CFO, Next Media - “intense”


David Benjamin, President  & CEO, Triad Broadcasting - “tenacious”